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Get quick results with paid internet marketing campaigns. United Sol brings top talent when it comes to tapping a competitive market and earning your fair share of it.

What makes us different?
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Why choose PPC Management?

Every marketing strategy in the digital world has its pros and cons. PPC – Pay Pay Click advertisement is a bit different than the rest of the methodology as it utilizing pain marketing campaigns and result in quick payback and higher return on investments. If you are running a time-bound business where you cannot wait for the organic traffic to find you through different mediums, PPC marketing is the ultimate solution for you to choose. It can help you target specific keywords and appear on featured results above the organic results of search engines. Narrow down users to target, measure ad budget and its results, and find valuable insights about your potential customers.

Why Choose United Sol?

United Sol is a competent PPC agency of Toronto that is helping clients with remarkable free and paid digital promotions. Having industry-rich exposure of more than 15 years, we have successfully carried hundreds of PPC campaigns for different forms of businesses in varying markets and niches. Our team comprises well-trained and certified PPC experts who have got the knowledge and expertise to utilize PPC medium effectively for your ventures. We draft campaign plan in a way that helps you achieve targets without spending much on it. Discussing your requirements with our PPC experts can lead you to get better CPC bid and quality score.

Our PPC management services Toronto


We have built a reputable PPC agency in Toronto with our goal-oriented solutions, cost-effective approaches, turn-key strategies, and real-time reporting. We keep on revising and improving our marketing approaches to deliver top-notch services.

Research-based approach
We never push campaigns without proper research. As trusted digital marketing agency, we use popular channels and media steams to collect data and target a broad range of customer user interests and content. This allows us to use the data for advanced ad targeting, user profiling, persona modeling, audience analytics and business insights.
Market Segmentation
We understand each client has unique marketing needs. Therefore, we gather requirements and design tailored campaigns based on your needs and preferences. Through our advanced programmatic technology, we are able to precisely target audiences and maximize conversion outcomes.
conversion rate optimization
Tracking & Reporting

Considering you a partner in your business success, we share every minute detail about our PPC management. You get the benefit of getting frequents updates, development in the process, improvements, and the results thereafter. Our skilled PPC team keeps track of all the changes and advancement and ensures timely reporting to the stakeholders.

bounce rate reduction
Detailed Plans
As a celebrated PPC advertising agency, we pride ourselves for achieving the standard of world-class marketing. We build custom funnels, adding captivating ad copy and landing pages, engaging creatives, high-end persona building, and data driven insights. This helps us eliminate friction, and increase your bang-for-buck in the most amazing way.

Maximize Web Exposure for ultimate business growth

Experts’ abode

United Sol is house of highly trained and certified PPC experts having excellence in their jobs.

Time Saving
Our specialty is in delivering results through quick wins while sustaining long-term growth with quality

Being you success partner, we offer most competitive prices for our PPC Management services.


We stay accountable with our timely report specifically about the KPIs and advanced metrics.

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Our Affiliations


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