12 Top Advertising Agencies in Toronto

top advertising agencies in Toronto, Canada

The evolution of technology has changed the common man’s perception about the way they see promotions of products and services. Digital mediums are replacing the conventional methodologies of marketing and advertisement. A user that was once glued to a television is now stuck to his or her smartphone. This has paved the way for advertisers and marketers to include the next-generation tools and platforms besides their old-fashioned yet powerful strategies.

The key to success for advertising agencies in Toronto in this fast-paced world of technology is turning to a hybrid form of the model, where they can utilize their impressive strategies of public relations, media buyouts, along with digital solutions like PPC advertisement, SEO, and social media marketing. The brick-and-mortar stores are also relying on modern ways of reaching out to their consumers. They are giving a try to digital marketing services. To help you expedite your advertising efforts, we have shared a list of companies you can rely upon. Have a look at them to find how they can help you reach the masses.

12 Top Advertising Companies in Toronto

1. InHouse Creative

InHouse Creative has a reputable name among the top advertising agencies in Toronto. it was formed in 2019 with limited resources, three members, but a grand vision. The agency mainly deals in a multitude of creative mediums of advertising and marketing including social media, branding, content marketing, etc. The cause that has earned them happy clients is their staunch belief in mending solutions for the problems they have faced. Respect among team members and other stakeholders, brainstorming for genuine ideas, and passion for creative products are the key components of their success.

2. BrandLume

Being established in 2011, BrandLume Inc is among a few advertising companies in Toronto that provide all-in-one branding and advertisement services. It is headquartered in Toronto with a sub-office in Vaughan, Canada. The company is focused to provide premium quality marketing services to a wide range of small to medium and large enterprises.

3. Giants & Gentlemen

The agency is dedicated to creative advertising. It was formed in 2012 and has garnered enough expertise and exposure in Toronto. With a team of 24 members, the company is all set to offer you selfless advertisement, digital marketing, and business-tailored strategies. They are focused on serving the small and medium-sized businesses that want to outperform in the local markets with limited budgets. To ensure the project syncs with its prospective audience, the company seeks assistance from the out-thinkers, who neither work at the agency nor are employed by the client. This brews excellent results.

4. Sid Lee

Sid Lee is a Canadian creative agency that was headquartered in Montreal but soon extended its services to Toronto, Paris, Calif, and Culver City. It started back in 1993 but evolved into a hub of modern advertising and digital solutions. Its exponential growth can be evaluated by its massive team growth as it accommodates around 796 professionals. The company deals in digital strategy, marketing insights, social media marketing, and web design. The businesses it serves include small to medium-sized companies and corporate entities.

5. Brand & Mortar

Finding top ad agencies in Toronto is hard when you need to avail all the digital solutions under one roof. Brand and Mortar is a full-service advertising company that can cater to your varying business needs. Let it be video production, branding, or social media marketing. it also looks into matters regarding content marketing, web design, SEO, and paid advertising on social media and search engines. The agency started in 2011 and grew to a team of 14 highly skilled and professional members.


Get your projects in the hands of an award-winning advertising agency in Toronto. FEAST is a competent advertising company that has got expertise in advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and video products. It combines the conventional forms of advertisement like television ads for better results. Working with small businesses has helped the company deliver calculated results. It delivers unmatched services to retail, services, automotive, and consumer products businesses.

7. Nova Solutions

Formed with a few employees in 2005, Nova Solutions has now expanded to a team of 30 members and 5 different locations. It was headquartered in Concord, Canada, and then ensured presence in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and London. its wide range of services starts with SEO and extends to specialized services like web design, PPC, Conversion rate optimization, and exploring other paid advertising channels relevant and suitable to a specific business. it primarily deals with small businesses that are attached to the medical and legal industries.

8. Lil Horse

Lil Horse Inc. has secured the top score among advertising agencies in Toronto in a short period. It started in 2020 when businesses suffered the most, it continuously offered its creative advertisement services to clients. it mainly deals in graphic design, promotion and advertisement, interior designing, video products, and lots more. the core ingredient to their quick journey to success is the deliverance of the best quality services that truly contributed to the growth of their client’s businesses.

9. ArtBeat.Marketing

In the year 2000, ArtBeat.Marketing took birth to Art – an ardent storyteller and a creative thinker. With more than 25 years of experience, the founding member took the agency to new heights. There is a huge team working on creative ad campaigns, brand identity, strategic communication, and social media. Having a knack for designing and graphics, the agency can produce stunning web designs and logos for your business. They can be reached out for professional video production and consultancy to know what is trending the most in design and creative space.

10. FUSE Create

FUSE Create was launched in 2003 to serve small businesses with extraordinary and creative advertising solutions. The agency is powered by professional marketers who spend an ample amount of time brainstorming for new and innovative ideas to spread the word about their clients’ business effectively. It is a fusion of smart thoughts, imagination, and industry insights. It was ranked among the small advertising firms in Toronto but has now grown to a midsize company. It leads the niche market with its outstanding services of advertising, content marketing, sales and marketing strategy, and event planning and promotions.

11. GroundZero

GroundZero comes with an unusual web presence in the realm of advertising agencies. It is founded in Toronto with a vision to provide result-driven solutions with modern-day technologies and platforms. It has a brilliant team to look after the branding, advertising, marketing planning, and media buying needs of your business. The company has a strong belief in testing different designs and ideas until you get the right one for your business. Once it is found, keep evaluating its significance and continue your journey towards growth.

12. Blitz Marketing

It is a Toronto-based advertising agency that deals in advanced and result-driven strategies for modern advertisement and marketing solutions. It was formed in 2019 to set new standards in the creative marketing industry with innovative and disrupting ideas. Blitz Marketing has a proficient team to take your product or service to millions of target customers with influencer marketing, public relations, content production, and brand building.


Advertising is an absolute art of creative ideas. You cannot replicate a strategy of a business for another. It differs for the specific business needs, goals, target audience, and budget. The names mentioned in the above list of advertising agencies in Toronto have expertise in drafting distinct strategies after studying clients’ businesses in detail. They have tried and tested a plethora of modern techniques for a client that’s why they have a better understanding of what works best for the business of a specific niche.

If you need to seek success through an advertising firm, you need to refer to compare their knowledge and expertise about the business you own or aim to start. Their testimonial section and previous work can also hint at their competence in the field.


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