List of 10 Top IT Companies in Toronto, Canada

top it companies in toronto, canada

Technology is the core of innovation, discovery, and problem-solving for people from different walks of life. It is helping the life of a common man easier using the latest tool and cutting-edge technology. The business communities are also quick in adopting the technology and hiring IT services to create ease for their valuable clients and consumers.

If you face a problem that seems to restrict your business expansion, reduce performance, and limit you in implementing new ideas, you need a good IT company to discuss and get a viable solution for it. Following is a list of top IT companies in Toronto that may help you connect with the tech enthusiasts, who an unmatched skills, expertise, and exposure to brainstorm innovative and groundbreaking solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Top 10 IT Companies in Toronto, Canada

1. United Sol

United Sol was founded in 2005 with the mission to mend the technology gap between businesses and industries. Delivering a profusion of tech solutions has turned into a leading IT services company in Toronto. that includes eCommerce solutions, custom plugin and extensions development, automation tools, full-scale ERPs, marketplaces, and other IT solutions.

By the time, it has started and established IT brands for specific technologies, Software as a Solution platform, and marketplaces. The technologies brands have now grown into a full-service IT company with authority in varying technologies. Such as FMEextensions for expert Magento development solutions, FMEmodules for comprehensive custom development, modules collection for PrestaShop users, and the list goes on.

2. Glorium Technologies

Founded in 2010, Glorium Technologies has been providing innovative software and technical support to startups, new ventures, and small to medium-size businesses with their industry-rich expertise. It is among the top IT companies in Toronto that are serving the business community with exceptional software development solutions. The company has an exemplary contribution to specific industries like Healthcare and Real Estate.

3. Qadvance

Qadvance is not specifically an IT solution development company, however, it has a broader spectrum of working in the IT industry. It specializes in recruiting IT staff for technology companies and software houses. The company has an extensive work experience and marketing knowledge that help companies to hire top talent for the advanced and latest technologies they deal in. it is known for its expanded network among different countries that ensure recruitment of the best IT resources across the borders and even the remote areas of Latin America.

4. Fusion Computing Limited

The list of IT companies in Toronto is incomplete without mentioning Fusion Computing Limited. It is one of the leading IT firms that have mastered the art of providing managed IT services. It was founded in 2008 with the vision of solving simplest to complex business problems and addressing innovative solutions with the latest and cutting-edge technologies. the company claims to get IT services right for the first time, hence absolute quality and delivery are promised.

5. CodeBright

On a mission to conquer the world with ultimate technology solutions, CodeBright secures a trustworthy name in the IT arena of Toronto. The company is not limited to the conventional web and eCommerce development services as it looks into providing innovative solutions. they are helping small and large businesses, startups, tech ventures, and not-for-profit organizations to overcome business challenges with their technology-powered solutions. they offer business automation, productivity enhancements, cost reduction, and streamlining of other business operations.

6. Next Big Technology(NBT)

If you are on the look for the best IT companies in Toronto that specializes in web and mobile development technologies, Next Big Technology is your go-to place. The company is powered by a passionate team and management who are dedicated to building your top-notch web design and development solutions. Being established in 2009, the company has proved its expertise by owning some of the reputable names in the portfolio. It is a proud organization with awards and certifications from independent agencies and marketplaces.

7. A3logics

A3 Logics is a full-service IT company that is celebrating its successful delivery of more than 18 years in a multitude of technology and innovation development services. the company exhibits expertise in mobile app, software development, web and eCommerce solutions, product engineering, quality assurance, ERP, CMS, eLearning, and HRM solutions. It leads the market with a strong portfolio built upon its untiring efforts of the past two decades.


ELEKS started back in 2009 and keeps on fulfilling the outsourcing needs of its reliable clientele across the globe. their technology and innovation expertise, and designing comprehensive digital solutions have brought a revolution in the global IT market. Over the years, they have served clients from a multitude of industries including but not limited to retail, logistics, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, fintech, media, entertainment, etc. Its commitment to premium quality services has been nominated among the top 100 Global Outsourcing companies.

9. Thought Media

Thought Media is one of the top IT companies in Toronto that focus on small businesses to serve them with globally-acclaimed solutions. it offers web and eCommerce development, designing, digital marketing, technical support, and lots of other IT services. The industry covers primarily includes real estate, information technology, and consumer goods. As an ISO certified Services Company, it has served hundreds of clients in Toronto city and the Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga, Durham, Markham, and Scarborough are among the few to mention.

10. Smart Soft Team

Originated in Estonia, Smart Soft Team extended its IT services to the UK, USA, and Canada. It is a full-service software solutions company that has an enriched exposure to the most profitable and global industries. They serve clients from varying spheres like sports and fitness, automotive, health and medical, and recruitment firms. You can avail of their solutions for mobile applications, websites, eCommerce, chatbots, UX/UI designing, and business consultancy.

Summing up

Being a beginner, every IT company may look the same that’s why we have composed a list of the best among them. If you want to hire the best, look further into the list and evaluate their expertise by the review, testimonials, and portfolio, which will narrate their story of reliability, accuracy, and premium quality of services.


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