7 Latest Web Design Trends that will Dominate 2022

latest web design trends

With every passing year, we experience advancements in technology and user behavior, which hints to us about the most demanding design elements or features. It is the end-consumer, whose ease and comfort drive the trends. It also tests the skills and expertise of the designers who are free to coin new trends and concepts. They can revive design concepts of the 80s and 90s with a fusion of the latest technology and techniques. If these are approved by the end-users, it turns out to be the most famed concept everyone in the design arena is considered to follow. Following are some of the web design trends for 2022 that appear to be the future outlooks.

7 Latest Web Design Trends

1. Memphis design

Memphis design

The design that was produced with shapes and lines of multiple colors or scattered ink spots in the 1980s is called Memphis design. In general, it includes shapes like circles, triangles, or uneven shapes with a contrasting background of white or black. The design came into being as a denial of the simplest designs that were once trending higher with the term minimalism.

The disavowal of minimalist design resulted in more versatile, colorful, bold, and daring designs. It is the reason Memphis design has secured a place among the top web design trends in 2022. Web and graphic designers are moving forward with it as it helps them create stunning and unforgettable creations.

2. Scrollytelling

The name describes itself as the art of creating storytelling effects in a web design with just scrolls. The design narrates the entire story while every scroll reveals every part or episode of it. Scrollytelling, the word, was first used to explain long-form stories that are distinguished by a beautiful combination of animation, audio, and videos on an online medium. It turned out to be more useful in explaining stories that are complex to navigate online or portray in a limited space of a design.

2022 is going to be dominated by this remarkable trend as it creates a brilliant interface for connecting different dots of a store, thus visualizing an entire tale without any boredom. Web designers are frequently using it to design a sequence of visual elements that are placed in chronological order to deliver a more impactful message.

3. Typographic-rich hero image

Typographic-rich hero image web design trend

The hero section or hero area is the space that appears on the users’ screens as soon as they land on your website. It is the area below the log and menu and is called a hero as it is the most prominent of your website places. The usual concept of enriching the hero area is to use an image or a video that has a call to action or any appealing text. However, fewer designs are capable to make the most out of the hero image text that’s why the web designs came up with a solution in the form of typography-led images.

The use of typography in the ‘hero area’ reduces the need for imagery as the text itself becomes capable of communicating the core message. Being a significant part of creating a good first impression, hero images needs to be bold and audacious. It is also among the leading web design trends this year.

4. Horizontal scroll

Web design is subject to breaking the conventional barriers and coining new concepts with every passing day. In contrast to vertical navigation, horizontal scroll proves to be more engaging and effective. The images and texts that move like a slide sheet seem to attract more users and make them scan the entire website just like flipping the pages of a magazine.

A horizontal scroll is quite useful for designing websites with maps, catalogs, portfolios, etc. It can help websites to highlight products, services, store locations, projects, and galleries. Horizontal scroll is one of the interactive features that can create a memorable, fun-loving, and intriguing shopping experience on your online store.

5. Handmade graphics

hand made graphics web design trend

The artwork of kids still attracts us the most because it includes the cuteness and clarity of the concepts. Being an imperfect piece of artwork, you still appreciate the designs as they are free from the machine world and the orthodox society of finding perfection in everything. The advanced tools and technology have equipped us a lot in achieving perfection in designs, however, somehow, we have to go out of the blue to have that unfinished or deficient design.

2022 seems to be a year of DIY graphics and handmade artwork that may primarily include messy signs, uneven shapes, irregular color patches, and jagged color patterns as if kids are using paint or crayons. The design trend is said to address the gap between offline and online existence.

6. Color contrast

Color plays a significant role in acquiring user attention and making them connect with the website. Studying color psychology can help you arouse the sentiments of the target user as colors carry varying beliefs, concepts, and cultural and ethnic significance. However, using multi-colors, in contrast, can take you to turn the web design stand out from the crowd. Designers have developed fascinating styles such as gradients, neon on black, bright color contrasts, acid shape, and web design popup aesthetics.

7. Visible borders

Highlighting the borders of text and banners create magic, vibrant and highlighting effects. If you need to distinguish one design element from another or prioritize its visibility, you can use visible borders for it. This year, web designers are finding innovative ways to make the layouts and designs look natural and alluring which is making the design reveal its existence with enabled frames and borders.

A good web design is distinguished by the level of ease and comfort it provides to the users. With visible borders, you can enhance the readability and scan-ability of a web page as users get to identify various design elements by their borders. The trend seems to be relevant to retro tough that was common in the 90s era. It appears the old concepts are revisiting the design game and influencing the web design trends in 2022.


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